Who we are

We are an

Much more than just an agency, our job is to connect you to the partners that matter to your organization: businesses, governments, institutions.

When it comes to your project, we focus less on the output and more on the outcomes.

We think out of the box to help you find new paths, with the right partners by your side.

We believe diversity and hybridization are key to greater and faster achievements.

Who we connect

International organizations.
We speak with international institutions such as the European Union, United Nations, African Union and more.

We are in touch with an extensive number of governmental organizations across the world, with a focus on developing countries.

International financial institutions.
Multilateral development funds and IFIs in Europe, Africa and at a global level ensure the sustainability of large-scale projects.

Private enterprises.
Businesses leverage our network and intelligence to expand their operations and provide their expertise across borders.

Where we are

Pragmata was founded in the Republic of San Marino in 1995.
The republic’s neutral position and international perspective makes it a privileged stage for political messages, a natural gateway for international institutional channels, and an ideal meeting place for businesses and public stakeholders.
Our delegations in Brussels, Rome, Madrid, Addis Ababa and Amman broaden our range of operations across the globe.

Strategic Partners

CeSPI (International Centre of International Politics Studies) is an independent and non-profit think tank performing research and policy-oriented analysis studies.

Philadelphia Consulting
Philadelphia Consulting is an international multi-disciplinary consulting firm with offices and projects operations in Germany, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Libya, UAE, Yemen and Iraq.

Nova International - Spain
Nova delivers consultancy services, focused on a commercial, financial and technical approach to projects worldwide for companies with international interests.

Anthelex International - Spain
The reference for companies, investment funds and managing companies based in Spain and abroad with investment, divestment or commercial operations inside and outside Spain.

Technical Partners

The African Center for Economic Transformation supports governments and businesses in delivering economic transformation with a long-term view.

The Africa Biochar Partnership (ABP) is the continental platform for advancing biochar systems in Africa.

Twentyfive years
of crossing opportunities

Pragmata is proud to celebrate 25 years in business as a developer of international relations to institutions and companies worldwide.

We have reached a precious moment of our journey, studded with great challenges, experiences and important goals, ready to continue and even more confident to be able to intercept fruitful paths and new potential, so as to accompany in the right direction all those who want to walk with us.

Let’s connect

You seek for partnerships among private and public organizations.
You look to build bridges across distant regions.
We can help: get in touch now.

Crossing opportunities

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