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One might argue that pulling the right strings is the way to success. In our experience, it’s more about knowing which strings, and how to weave them together productively.

When the outcomes you seek depend on others, we bring you in front of the partners that can really make an impact.

Our areas
of expertise

Healthcare, transportation, education and more: while the public sector faces growing challenges, the stalling economies tighten budgets and workforce. When governments seek competences and resources for their projects, we assist them in finding the resources they need, and connect them with partners that can help them achieve more, and better.

Projects in governmental pipelines need financial backing. Fund lenders need to identify profitable programs to invest on. We help create lasting public-private partnerships to accelerate growth and build a sustainable future.

To bring value where it’s needed, you must often draw on non-conventional sources. Our network provides your project with unexpected angles and helps it envision new directions, which often turns out in doing more with less. That’s what we call a smart partnership.

As a project gets larger, sustaining it gets trickier. Our staff can provide full project finance engineering coverage, from grants to guarantees, from debt to equity and all financing options offered by national and multilateral institutions. Our expertise extends from public financing products, to private, to PPP instruments.

National borders are often tight boundaries for businesses that strive to grow. But even in a global economy, crossing them is not as easy as it seems, not for those who buy, nor for those who sell. That’s when good relations come in handy.

When clues tell you that market would be interested in your product, how do you approach it? Before you take the step, let us help you evaluate its business environment and the international political relations that may affect your business. And when it’s time to land your goods or services in another country, we can present you to the relevant local partners and help seal agreements.

Buying can be as difficult as selling: local connections are key to successful trade missions. Whether if you’re looking to secure supplies or finding buyers abroad, we can help you build strategic relationships with relevant local partners. And when the deal is signed, our trusted network will advise you on fiscal and legal aspects as well as customs and finance details, ensuring timely deliveries.

What the law grants or denies, it affects citizens, businesses and governments themselves. And with the growing influence of supranational institutions such as the European or the African Union, it’s important to know how they work, and ensure policy makers hear your voice when you need them the most.

Our local offices around the world are close to where politics happen. When they change in ways that can affect your activities, including funding programs, our monitoring services keep you up to date so you can react quickly.

When you need political support for your initiative, we can get you closer to the institutions that matter. Your reasons may resonate with national and international authorities more than you think: we can help you prepare for the discussion, so you can lay on the table the right arguments, in the right order.

Financial institutions have strict policies when it comes to allocate their resources. We can assist you in preparing your project in detail and identify its strengths and weaknesses before it gets submitted, so it can walk unscathed through the perils of bureaucracy

Twentyfive years
of crossing opportunities

Pragmata is proud to celebrate 25 years in business as a developer of international relations to institutions and companies worldwide.

We have reached a precious moment of our journey, studded with great challenges, experiences and important goals, ready to continue and even more confident to be able to intercept fruitful paths and new potential, so as to accompany in the right direction all those who want to walk with us.

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